HOLMANS can perform in-house and on-site certified security disablements of computing hardware including removal of camera/microphone, WiFi and Bluetooth as well as hard drives. HOLMANS can also provide a certificate of disablement if requested.

Value-Added Services


Warranty Registrations

For all OEM systems and printing products that are purchased under this agreement, HOLMANS USA can facilitate and complete all necessary paperwork to register the warranty as a convenience to the Customer.  Once the Customer has received the product and the product has been registered, then the warranty is effective.  If installation has been purchased for a specific product, HOLMANS USA can either go install the product or facilitate a call to HP Inc. or HPE for installation of the product within 24 hours of delivery.

In-Warranty Support Services for Apple and HP product.

Third-Party Warranty Support Services

Third Party Warranty Services for any third party products sold by HOLMANS USA can be repaired or facilitated by HOLMANS US . HOLMANS USA service advisors will ensure that the process is taken care of promptly and will handle any service calls to the manufacturer.

Manufacturer Recall Support Services

HOLMANS USA can notify all our Contract customers of all manufacturer recalls associated with products that are purchased under this agreement within 10 days business days.  HOLMANS USA can perform or facilitate all recall and exchange administration within 30 calendar days.

Blue Tagging Services

HOLMANS USA can blue tag all required peripherals, ensuring that each product is received on site with the site-specific government property sticker.

Camera Removal / Video Disablement Services

When requested, HOLMANS USA ensures camera and video capabilities are not present inside the computers we ship to customer sites.  Our approach is to order the systems directly from the manufacturer without video, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth installed.  In the event we are unable to order the computer system in this manner, we notify the DOE sites of the situation and remove the components from the system in our service center and/or on-site for Customers.  Once the video and camera items have been removed, HOLMANS USA proposes to begin the burn-in process to ensure the balance of the system functions.  HOLMANS USA also proposes to utilize manufacturer certified technicians to perform the removal of the video and wireless

HOLMANS USA can only provide DOE/NNSA sites with our HP certified technicians to do the disablement services. HOLMANS USA is authorized by HP and Apple to do these disablement procedures for all DOE facilities without voiding the warranty of the device.

DesignJet Series Installation

HOLMANS USA is a certified HP Partner First Technical Production Specialist and DesignJet Specialist.  This special authorization allows HOLMANS USA to sell and support our Customers at the highest HP level.  With this authorization we are entitled to a top tier HP sales and service support.  HP’s Partner First Technical Production Specialist and DesignJet Specialist Program are intended for HP Business Development Partners with a vertical focus in the large format technical, creative and/or graphics markets.

Graphics Card Installation Service

Once the HOLMANS USA technical consultants verify that the graphics card is going to work in the current system and will meet the Customers’ needs, HOLMANS USA can perform the graphics card installation.

Hard Drive – No Hard Drive Return Warranty Service

HOLMANS USA adheres to the NNSA/DOE requirements for “No hard drive returns”.  We strongly suggest to all NNSA/DOE users the purchase of this SupportPack for all HP computing equipment including HP servers and storage.  Additionally, we process the trouble call from the requestor or technician and arrive on-site with the replacement part.

HOLMANS USA has been supplying Hewlett-Packard computers to the National Labs across the nation for many years.  While the end-user requirements vary, in that not all Customers need to keep their hard drive if it fails, we have extensive experience with facilitating service repairs when the hard drive cannot be returned, the hard drive has to be made removable or the system needs to be delivered without a hard drive at all.


Hard Drive Removal / Replacement Services

If a situation arises where a Customer requires a specific hard drive, and their current stocked system does not contain the correct drive, HOLMANS USA can offer Hard Drive Installation of the drive. This drive will be installed in every required machine and Quality Assurance will be run. The additional drive that was removed from the original system will be shipped to the Customer to be used at the Customer’s discretion.

Memory Installation Service

Once the HOLMANS USA technical consultants verify that the memory is going to work in the current system and will meet the Customers’ needs, HOLMANS USA can perform the memory installation service.  Please find below the current process we are using for our Customers such as Sandia and Lawrence Livermore.

Microphone Removal / Disablement Service

HOLMANS USA Technicians are certified to physically remove the microphone from applicable HP Inc. systems. Our certifications will guarantee that the warranties will remain intact. HOLMANS USA can include any modules removed from the system, in the shipment of the order.

Property Tagging Services

HOLMANS USA can property tag all applicable products (desktops, laptops, tablets, workstations, servers, scanners and printers) per set guidelines with the appropriate Customer provided property tags. The property label will be affixed to the Attractive Property item per the guidelines set by the Customer.  HOLMANS USA records the property number and serial number within our system for subsequent property file creation and delivery.

Quality Assurance Testing Services

HOLMANS USA currently tests each computer system prior to shipment to our current Contract customers.  We un-box the product and place it on a burn-in rack.  Once a display, keyboard and mouse are attached, the system is powered on.  We ensure the system boots into its factory installed operating system or, if no operating system is installed, the system bios are reviewed.

Security Stickering or Package Labeling Services

HOLMANS USA currently provides custom package labeling services defined by each Customer’s unique Scope of Work. On each label, HOLMANS USA is capable of adding unique Purchase Order information as well as 1D and 2D barcodes with PO and tracking information. If additional needs arise, HOLMANS USA can help test new processes Any additional labels, security or otherwise, will be adhered to the system according to Customer guidelines.

System Imaging Services

HOLMANS USA currently installs many DOE site’s images as required on each Apple and Hewlett-Packard computer that is shipped to the site that requires image installation.  Additionally, HOLMANS USA installs the image after the burn-in process is complete.  HOLMANS USA executes a final system reboot and functionality test of the computer before the computer’s asset tag is applied.

Wireless Removal / Disablement Services

HOLMANS USA Technicians are certified to physically remove Bluetooth and wireless cards from capable HP Inc. systems. Our certifications will guarantee that the warranties will remain intact.

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